Healthy Eating 101


Choosing healthy food can be a delicious adventure.

The better the quality of your food, the better it will taste!

Try fresh, new foods on pizzas or as a side to your meal. You never know what you'll like.


When you put your plate together at dinnertime, does it look like this?

This diagram is called MyPlate and it was made by the USDA to show you how much of each food group you should eat at each meal.

Healthy grains are almost 25% of your total meal!

Choosing good food can be as easy as having more fruits and vegetables.

Sometimes a food that is good is one that is made with only a few ingredients that are easy to read and understand. Look at the food labels on your favorite packaged foods at home. Can you read the ingredients easily or are some hard to pronounce?

We think that food should have easy ingredients and no chemicals so we skip adding them to our dough.

What kinds of foods are healthy?

How do you know if something is good for you?

Are some healthy foods more tasty than other ones?


Ask a parent

If something is certified organic, it means that the company's food or product was tested by the government to prove that the food or item is free from chemicals, GMOs and was made with a high standard. 

Food, clothes, cleaning supplies, and even stuffed animals can be certified organic.

Some organic food is good for you and some still is not.


Organic cookies are still cookies and they probably don't have the good nutrition in them that you look for when you buy healthy food. 

The best organic foods will have plenty of vitamins, nutrients like protein or fiber, and simple ingredients.

Feel Good Dough is certified organic so that you know we are not using chemicals in any step of making our dough AND it is clean which means that we don't have anything other than real food as ingredients.

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