Awesome Recipes for ages 8-13


Cooking begins at the grocery store when you get to choose the best products for your recipe.

The better the ingredients are, the better the food will taste!

What kinds of fun or crazy foods have you tried on your pizza? Here are some ideas:

Pineapple and Ham

Peanut Butter and Bananas

Bell Peppers and Black Olives

Thin Apples and Cheddar Cheese

Home-Grown Garden Veggies

Chicken Chunks and BBQ Sauce

!! Some Kids Love Sardines and Pickles on Their Pizza !!

(Would you try that?)

pizza kids shopping map

Pepperoni and Sweet Peppers Pizza

•Bell Peppers can be all sorts of colors!

Green, Orange, Red, Yellow

•You can make this pizza vegetarian and add more favorite vegetables instead of pepperoni.

FAST THAWING for at home-

Put your ball of dough in a zipper bag and put it in a bowl of warm water for 20 minutes.

Click the image to download a printable map!

garlic knots kids shopping map

Easy Garlic Knots

Spaghetti fans can now also make garlic knots! Skip the boring garlic bread from the store. This recipe is quick and easy to do.

You can change this recipe easily by using fresh herbs found in the produce section or use dried herbs from your pantry. Try rosemary, cilantro, sea salt, or even green onions.

** Be careful when cutting garlic or fresh herbs. Take your time or have a parent help you**

Click the image to download the printable shopping map.

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