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Feel Good Dough Classic Original Organic Pizza Dough
Feel Good Dough Chocolate Organic Pizza Dough

Feel Good Dough is the 100% clean, organic dough that you'll feel good about using for yourself and your family. Enjoy it in four great flavors, use it for a wide-variety of recipes, and notice the quality difference in clean, healthy dough.

We are more than just pizza dough! Use Feel Good Dough for rolls, appetizers, dumplings, breadsticks, and even warm cinnamon rolls on Saturday morning with your cup of coffee.


Find Feel Good Dough in the frozen section of the grocery store. Visit our store locator page to find the closest location to you.

Feel Good Dough Oil Free Whole Grain Organic Pizza Dough
Feel Good Dough Italian Herb Organic Pizza Dough
I will never use any other dough from now on." -Kathy

Get the most from your ball of

Feel Good Dough

When we created Feel Good Dough, we wanted it to be used in more than one way so that you can enjoy quality dough any day of the week. Our dough will last up to 5 days in your refrigerator. That's 5 days that you can use a little bit at a time to reduce food waste and maximize the advantages of having 100% clean, organic dough on-hand.


Visit our recipes page to discover new ways to get the most use out of

every ball of Feel Good Dough


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