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How it works: 

Get paid to help promote our multi-purpose organic dry mixes -- We ship orders directly to the customer! 


You will be supplied a promo code that gives $2 off and free domestic shipping (over $10 value!).

The compensation is $5 per order of 5 packs.

We mail the shipment standard 7 business days and a tracking shipment link gets sent to the customer. 

If the customer signs up for a monthly subscription using your promo code, you will be compensated each month separately because sometimes the customer ends their subscription earlier than a full year.


We pay via paypal. You will be compensated after you've totaled $25 in commissions when your affiliate code is used in the promo code section. For example, we pay you after 5 fulfilled orders ($25 in commissions), and continue to pay you for each sum of $25 worth of commissions.

You will be sent a weekly email update on the sales involving your code.

We will tally the amount of sales at the end of the month, and so long as it is $25 or more in commissions, you will receive payment no later than the 7th of the following month. 


If you'd like to donate a portion of your sales commission to a nonprofit, that is entirely up to you. If you want to do a special sale for a nonprofit, we can supply you with another code for the fundraiser. If you'd like us to directly donate your commission to the nonprofit, please email  with details.

Affiliate Signup Form

Upload File

Thanks for signing up, you will be contacted within a week!

Additional Details:


  • Custom code names are available if you'd like to promote a school name or other reason. 

  • We will give you access to a shared digital folder filled with photos and marketing materials to help you sell after we receive the signed agreement

  • We only use a promo code to track sales, and do not use tracking URLs that allow us to see where the click or purchase came from

  • You agree to promote FGD in a positive way and agree to never slander the FGD name or products in any way

Sales, Shipping and Fulfillment: 

  • Orders are fulfilled by Feel Good Dough, LLC

  • Feel Good Dough is not responsible for payment errors from customers and will not compensate the affiliate for any denied payments.

  • Not for individual resale

  • All sales final

  • All sales are in $USD

  • No returns

  • If there is a problem with the order we will take care of the problem with the customer, you are not responsible for product errors

  • Domestic only for free shipping 

  • Orders outside of US have a much higher shipping cost which is presented to the customer before purchase. The website will show a warning that the order for out of country will be abandoned if customs does not allow it through (no return to sender, no refund to the customer) If the customer decides to buy with your $2 off code, you will get compensated for the sale.  

  • Tax: 1099 forms will be distributed at tax time and you are responsible for claiming any income as a self proprietor or other entity. 

FGD has the right to change this agreement and pricing at any time. If there is a pricing change, all affiliates will be notified via their email address on file. To change your email or contact information with us, please email 

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