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  • How do I thaw a frozen Feel Good Dough dough ball?

   There are three ways that you can thaw your dough:

  Thaw it overnight in the fridge.  Pull the dough out of the fridge and let it sit on the you counter
  for 3-4 hours, until the dough is at room temperature


  Thaw frozen dough by letting it sit on the counter for three hours or until the dough reaches room

   temperature, or moderately warm to the touch.


   In a pinch, you may thaw your dough in a bowl of warm water no warmer than 105°F. Be sure to put the bag of Feel Good Dough into a water-tight bag before putting into the water. Note: hot water will kill the yeast in the dough, so keep it barely lukewarm when in doubt.

   Letting the dough reach room temperature before use makes it easiest to work with.

  • How do I use a Dry Mix package? 


   Follow the mixing instructions on the packaging for adding your wet ingredients. Add more water as needed to make a smooth ball. Knead for 4 minutes.  Cover the dough with plastic wrap or a clean towel to keep dough moist -- let it rest for 10 minutes before using. Stretch out and let rise on a warm pan/stone to the height you'd like before baking. 

  • How long will it last in the freezer?  Fridge?

   Keep Feel Good Dough In your freezer for up to 6 months.  Once thawed, it will last up to 5 days in your


  • Can I re-freeze FGD?

   Once the dough has been fully thawed, it is not recommended to re-freeze it. 

   You can freeze it again after baking (like in a pizza crust or other recipe for later) but not if it is still raw.

  • Can I make bread out of it?

   Yes.  You can make loaves of bread with our dry mixes! Find recipes for bread on our recipes page.


   Our frozen dough can be make into bread sticks and rolls.

  • I have sensitivity to gluten.  Can I eat this?

   If you are allergic to gluten, you cannot and should not eat any Feel Good Dough frozen dough or dry mix as they contain wheat.


Just for newly identified information though, there are studies on herbicides such a glyphosate and bleached flour that can cause allergies/histamine reactions and other sensitivities that are often mistaken as self-diagnosed celiac disease.  We recommend talking to your doctor about your reactions and getting tested for celiac disease. And to note that our dough does not have those toxins. 

  • Can I hand stretch this dough, or do I need to use a rolling pin?

   Hand-stretching works perfectly with this dough rather than pressing and rolling.  Baking right on a good pan works well, but for older pans, feel free to use olive oil or parchment paper to avoid sticking.

   First, you should let the dough get to room temperature.  20 minutes on the counter with a towel over it works well.

  • How large of a pizza does this make?

   It all depends on how thick you like your pizza crust.  One 16 oz. ball can easily make a 10” pan pizza.

   If you prefer a thin crust you can stretch it up to 16".  You can also make multiple personal size pizzas or deep dish pizzas. It’s up to you. 

The thickness also depends on how long you let it rise before baking. If you want a fluffy, bubbly crust, stretch the dough out and let rise on a warm pan. When it gets to the height you want, then bake. 


For the best thick-crust pizza, par-bake your dough for 5 minutes on 425°F before adding toppings. Cook for an additional 7-10 minutes to with your toppings.

  • Can I make grilled pizza?

   Yep, it takes the heat!  Feel Good Dough can withstand temperatures of up to 700 degrees.

  • How much topping should I use on Pizza?

   Thin-crust pizza is usually better with less toppings.  It will come out crispier. 

   Thick-crust pizza can handle more toppings.  Thick-crust is usually 1/4 - 1/2in. thick.

  • What is the perfect temperature for pizza?

   Pizzas like hot ovens.  About 400-500 degrees.  For grilling: 500-700.

  • What else can I make with this dough on the grill?

   You can make Naan bread!  Shape the dough into an oblong sheet, 1/2in. thick. 

   Brush it with olive oil, and spread fresh garlic on top.  Grill it until it gets bubbly, and then turn to grill for another minute.

  • Where is Feel Good Dough sold/Where can I buy it?

   Feel Good Dough is currently available in stores in the Ohio surrounding area.  Visit our store locator to find a store near you.  You can also order our dry mix options online now.

  • My favorite store doesn’t carry Feel Good Dough.  What can we do about this?

   Thank you so much for your support!  We're glad to hear you want to enjoy our products. 

   Please print, fill out, and turn in our product request form to your favorite grocer. This will help store managers know what to look for. We are working diligently to get Feel Good Dough into a store near you. You may also contact us about what stores you prefer to shop at.


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