One day, it just hits you.  

You know- you just stop what you’re doing, and this overwhelming feeling comes over you…
and then the light bulb turns on.  

My moment happened when my grandchildren were helping me make pizza dough.  I realized how important it is for them to eat good wheat.  Processed, cheap pizza dough was not what I wanted for them, or any other children.

I began research immediately and it took me into areas of the food world that I had never been. I purchased an 80 qt. mixer, named her Helga, and we began perfecting what I already knew about dough. 

Helga and I worked for several weeks making batches of dough and I sourced products from everywhere possible to make a perfect 100% clean, plant-based, organic pizza dough.

But, I wanted more from a dough than just clean and organic.  

I wanted to provide dough that could last longer in the fridge, that could take the heat without burning to a crisp, and could be boiled, fried, baked and grilled.  I wanted dough that could be used every day so you would feel good every day.  Thus, Feel Good Dough was finally born in Cleveland!

Feel Good Dough has continued to grow and expand across the country. I have even developed a plant-based, clean eating, organic chocolate dough! What's life without chocolate?

It is my greatest pleasure knowing that I am helping this world eat good, and feel good at the same time. 

-Terry Thomsen

Founder of Feel Good Dough

"I have known Terry for years, so when she told me she was starting an organic dough company I was so excited for her and her new adventure.
Finally when it came out and I started using Feel Good Dough, I was hooked." -Kathy

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